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The blending of soul and design

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I use an intuitive approach to design, honoring what the home wants to be. Once I connect to the soul of the house, then the space comes alive and the moments are created. 

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My Background

I have spent years finding the best within all things: whether it be in the entertainment industry as a creative executive, through my energy work with clients, or bringing a space to its full potential. For me, to synthesize and to create is to breathe. 

To alchemize energy is to create beauty. 
We are all evolving at all times. 
Space needs to evolve as well. 
It is an honor to be part of the evolution. . 

My Medium

Using all of my energetic tools of intuition, shamanic practices, and connection to nature, I allow the soul of the space to lead the design, by feeling what it wants to be. This way we blend function, design and soul all together. 

My Inspiration